P.C. Foil Industries Company Limited was established on August 17, 2001, by Chakaphong Tangpanyawong and Phonpimol Tangpanyawong. We operates as a manufacturer and distributor of aluminum foil packaging. With many experiences in contacting sellers and buyers, it is found that there is not only to meet the customer’s satisfaction and successfully operating the business. Expanding the variety of packaging to cover the market is another purpose for the company to compete in the market by controlling the quality of the products and the cost of products.

            In 2009, the company has established a factory for integrated production under the concept and policy that is

“P.C.Foil is committed to producing quality products, attended the service to meet the customer’s needs. With regard to cleanliness, safety, and continual development of the organization and personnel. “

            We uses business’s policies to make a difference in the quality of products and services. Developing product by using modern technology for process. As well as continuously developing the organization and personnel management

            Moreover, we never stop developing. We got the quality management standard which is ISO9001:2015 , GMP and preparing to develop further in order to achieve other quality standards. With the long working experience of us, you can believe inour quality and service with the international standard level of P.C.Foil Industries Co.,Ltd.