• Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil for the production, it is the best packaging if compared to other types of plastic films. But it is quite expensive. The aluminum foil has the excellent ability to protect several gases. It protects against penetration of gas, light, odor, and oil that make it able to protect and preserve the products that are contained within longer than other types of film. Aluminum foil can be used for packaging, food, medicine, etc., both solid and liquid. The surface of the aluminum foil is shiny, beautiful same as the Metalized film.

The example types of Aluminum foil

  1. Coffee bag

  2. Blister foil

  3. Foil Lid

  • Metalized films

Metalized films are polymer films coated with a thin layer of metal, usually aluminium. They offer the glossy metallic appearance of an aluminium foil at a reduced weight and cost. Metalized films are widely used for decorative purposes and food packaging, and also for specialty applications including insulation and electronics.

The advantage of Metalized Film

  1. The glossy appearance of metalized similarly to an aluminium foil

  2. Barrier property is better than non-metalized film

  3. Cheaper price than Film Laminated and Aluminum Foil.

The example types of Metalized Film

  1. Snack foods

  2. Coffee

  3. Candy


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